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Knowing When to Breed Your Dog

The decision to breed your dog should not be taken lightly. A successful breeding can involve hard work, a large amount of time, and quite a few expenses. It is vital to do research on breeding the specific breed that you intend to work with before you begin the process of breeding your dog.

First you should determine if you are prepared for all that is involved with breeding a dog. Here are a few things to consider before you decide to breed:

It is best to have homes ready for the pups before you plan to breed. This ensures that you will not be left with several extra dogs that need to be taken care of. Consider what you will do if some of the pups do not find homes.

You should not count on making money from the pups. Although it is true that some breeds of dogs can sell for high prices, remember the expenses involved with breeding your dog. The bitch will need to be vaccinated and wormed before any breeding can take place. Stud fees can be expensive, usually no less than several hundred dollars. Should your dam suffer from complications during the whelping, you may have to cover the cost of a C-section. All of the pups will need to be vaccinated and taken care of for at least six weeks.. All of these expenses can add up quickly, so be prepared to spend a lot of money without earning a penny of it back.

Unfortunately, it is also common for pups to be stillborn. This situation can not only affect you financially, but can also have an emotional impact on your family and those who were expecting to bring home a new puppy. Keep this in mind when you are preparing to breed your dog.

Next, it is important to determine if your bitch is ready for breeding. It is best to avoid breeding during your dog’s first heat. This can cause developmental problems in your dog, since she likely won’t be mature enough to breed at that time. Your dog and the dogs in her pedigree should be free from hereditary diseases and defects including hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and eye or heart disorders. Also, you should be sure the traits of your dog’s temperament are ones that would be desired in a pup. These factors should also be considered when choosing a stud.

The female dog should be kept indoors or on a leash during her heat until the desired breeding time. This is to avoid any undesired mating before the optimal breeding time. It is best to wait to mate your bitch until ten to fourteen days after the first signs of blood during her heat. Someone should always be present during the actual mating of the dogs to ensure that neither the female or male dog become injured. Ideally, mating should take place every other day until the end of your dog’s heat.

For the best results, you should contact a local breeder who has experience in breeding dogs. Preferably, this should be the breeder of your dog, but any professional breeder will be able to provide useful advice and assistance when you decide to breed your dog.

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