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Beautiful ULTRA LIGHT English Cream to MEDIUM Golden Pups
Featured GoldenRetriever breeders Hearts of Gold Retrievers LLC  With puppies for sale in  New York United States  


Achieve your goals by registering your breeder service with  Consider the options it could open for you.



  • Promote your valuable community service. We give your service the exposure it deserves. We find the dog lovers for you - doing what we do best - bringing dog lover traffic.
  • We automate your prospecting - we send you the puppy wanted requirements and you select the ones to respond to. designed the registration process to be convenient, simple, and effective. Our database attracts many dog lovers through search engine submissions, newspaper articles, Ezine advertising, and Internet marketing strategies.  You could be offered your puppy wanted request  today.



  • Our on-line registration allows your criteria to be viewed instantly by dog lovers.
  • Your personal information remains confidential until both parties agree to disclose it. This is left to you and the property owner’s discretion.
  • Our technology gives you the control of updating your profile in real time.  There is no waiting period.
  • We protect your confidentiality by enabling you to communicate with potential dog lovers through secure message boxes identified only by your personally chosen user name. It is for you to decide when you disclose your personal information. 
  • If you choose to display your email address, we keep It safe from spammers, who’s harvest robots travel the internet collecting email addresses. Nor is your email address sold or given to 3rd parties as promised in our  Privacy Policy 
  • We offer automatic email notification of new puppy wanted requirements.  This keeps you updated as new puppy wanted requirements, for your nominated breed(s) are added in your area. We email you the place, required date and breed.
  • Online Visitor Statistics. You will have acccess to an online report showing the pattern of visits to your profile/advertisement.