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Sydney, AU -- Every year, thousands of healthy dogs are euthanized because they don't have a home. They become neglected, lost, or run away and are picked up by the local shelter. It is a common assumption that these animals are mangy mixed breeds that aren't that highly desirable, but that isn't the truth.

Many pure-bred, highly-desirable breeds are lost or neglected every year.  These dogs are intelligent animals that, like any domestic animal, deserve loving homes. Finding these dogs stable, loving homes can help alleviate the problems of overcrowded shelters and euthanasia.

To help match dog lovers with those who breed them, Ian White founded  "Our mission is to provide a secure environment where dog lovers can quickly match, screen, and select dog breeders; and breeders can find good homes for their puppy litters or adult dogs."

According to White, many people who prefer certain types of pure-
bred dogs are unsure of where to find them.  "Some can be found
in shelters," he says, "but many are not registered, or have had
some problem that resulted in their placement in the shelter."

On, dog lovers can search for certain breeds in any geographical area, and can screen breeders so they know they're dealing with reputable people and quality animals.

On the other side, breeders can also list their services experience, motivations, and more on the website.  "This gives breeders a wide audience of potential clients, and they can also carefully screen those wanting to buy the dogs they have.  It's good insurance for everyone--especially for the dogs."

The directory includes listings by private breeders, kennel
clubs, and occasional hobby or family breeders. automates the matching of puppies for sale with puppy wanted entries, with daily email notifications to all parties.

Dog lovers and breeders can find more information on the website
at  Contact Ian White
at +61 2 9913 1844.

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