Dog Breeding – Think you can handle it?

Dog Breeding - can you handle it

Everybody loves puppies, right? Unless there’s something wrong with you. Just kidding. But the majority of humankind loves baby-anything. Ducklings, kittens, ferrets, and especially puppies. Why are puppies so adorable? What gives them their special power to make the average human weak with love and adoration for such a small cutesy-wootsy pup. After all, who could resist the sweet puppy breath, the amazingly soft fuzzy fur, those huge little puppy eyes just begging you to cuddle with it…

But when it comes to dog-breeding, loving puppies just isn’t enough to justify your reason to breed. You have to have a true love for the animals. Dogs aren’t just one of those pets that you can buy at a store, take home, and ignore for the rest of your life. Dog’s need TLC: tender, love, and care… and a whole lot more. If you know this, if you are ready and know you are responsible (responsible meaning you have the money, the know-how, and the will) to take care of many little bundles of joy prancing around the household, then by all means: perhaps dog breeding is for you. But first, let’s go over some reasons why people figure they want to breed their dog:

                       – I’m in it for the money

                       – I want another dog with the mannerisms of my current dog

                       – Puppies! They’re just so darn cute

                       – I want to get into breeding, for the experience

Usually, these reasons never work out for the best. If you’re in it for the money, who’s to say you’re going to take good care of these dogs at all? You do realize that taking care of one dog is pretty darn pricey, right? Dogs generally have at least five pups. On average. Five pups to feed, neuter/spay, vaccinated, trips to the vet — you know that all adds up, correct? Then again if you were never planning on taking the puppies to the veterinarian, then please, dog breeding isn’t for you. Turn away. Turn away now. Perhaps knitting, or bicycle riding, would be good for you. The next reason, so you want a dog with the same personality as your current dog? Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, even if you cloned your dog, the matter of it’s temperament and personality would all go up to fate. Personality isn’t a gene. Sorry. It’s like saying, two comediennes marry and what do you know? Their child is anti-comedy. Oh, believe me. It happens.

Next reason… though puppies are cute, not everyone will necessarily want them. There are so many dogs in dog kennels and shelters that need homes. Here’s a statistic: for every puppy born, three dogs in a shelter die. Think about it. Please. Lastly, you want to breed for the experience? Breeding alone for the experience is not a justifiable reason enough to breed. Breeding is a very important, very serious matter. In order to have a successful birth, you need to be very knowledgeable when concerning pregnancy and birth. Do you think you’re up to vast research and study?

Remember: complications during birth are common. Know how much an emergency cesarean section for a dog costs? $1200.

Breeding isn’t a careless affair. It’s a lot more than bringing a male and female dog together. The odds of something going wrong whether birth complications, genetic diseases, etc. are common. So please, before you decide to breed for whatever reason you have, think about all that has been said. It could save a dog’s life. Like your dog.

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